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  • I‘m satisfied with service. and also the support is convenient and quick. 

    - 10/03/2017

  • - 10/03/2017

  • love)

    aleksejs aleksejs (mine) - 16/03/2017

  • Dorian Pearce - 17/03/2017

  • But unfortunately I renew the server price of 360 $ per year. 
     If 350 $ a year I will be very satisfied !

    Hongda Lim (VIRMACHS) - 19/03/2017

  • But unfortunately I renew the server price of 360 $ per year,
     if 350 $ a year I will be very satisfied!

    Hongda Lim (VIRMACHS) - 19/03/2017

  • Коля Шапкин (XBoxCraft) - 25/03/2017

  • The support that this site has is indescribable! Syed Walk me through everything to get my server up in running smooth! Even helped with the extra request I had. Highly recommend.


    Chris Lewis - 26/03/2017

  • great work

    lanlan pan - 27/03/2017

  • sorry , why i can not make ssh telnet to this VPS,and even can not ping the ip address,can u help me solve this problem?
    thanks very much.

    li yuhao - 29/03/2017

  • 10/10 service, at least for the Windows Server 2012 R2 VPS. I've been using the following VPS for a while now and there's really nothing to complain about; the VPS itself is really stable, light-weight and its does the work. The support is really nice, I've had questions multiple times and the suppost have helped me every time. Thanks virmach.

    - 06/04/2017

  • Kyle Caswell - 11/04/2017

  • Well you guys did everything I asked for (including adding the new script installer :D) I love the service and will post a link recommending you on my blog I hope you never go out of business <3

    - 21/01/2016

  • Chepest VPS on the market, these guys worth to be more published. 
    I no longer need the VPS but if I have to find a VPS company then these guys are my first option. Also the support team is the best.

    John Vasileiou - 11/04/2017

  • I'm a heavy VPS  user since 2013. I have experienced many vps providers. But with only no more 20$ having a KVM VPS is really exciting. The service of VIRMACH is perfect. Qiuck response, good help, satisfied resolutions.

    - 11/04/2017

  • you are awesome

    tomaz kurent - 22/01/2016

  • They are really the best cheap and affordable host ... wish you the best :)

    Mohamad AlSayed (Syrian Webmaster) - 14/04/2017

  • cool website

    metov yanko (HE) - 17/04/2017

  • Well you guys are doing a great job keep it up.. Wish you the best

    Sasi kumar - 19/04/2017

  • 5 stars for getting your bots banned if you are using for gaming!

    - 28/01/2016

  • please give me a free 64M KVM VPS,thank you. ;-)

    Zhukun Liang - 19/04/2017

  • 家荣 卢 - 27/04/2017

  • Ding Xu - 04/05/2017

  • Thanks for your great performance and excellent services.

    xiaoqing tan - 30/01/2016

  • xinghe mu - 12/05/2017

  • Devin Celebi (_twentyforsevn_) - 31/01/2016

  • Just awesome all i can say, i'm satisfied with my server!

    Kerdrick West (ApexGold) - 07/02/2016

  • So i registered on this website yesterday, i was just wondering how long it would take before i get my Minecraft server?!

    - 08/02/2016

  • Virmach Service Score: 10/10

    I started using Virmach services a little over a month ago and I have nothing to say but how delighted I am with the service I am receiving. The speed of their products, availability, setup times (where necessary) and most importantly their customer service has been nothing short of outstanding. I have gone from the $25 VPS's to the managed dedicated servers and will no doubt be ordering + referring other users to this fantastic service. Recommend to anyone. 

    Customer service: A++
    Setup time: A++
    Affordability: A++

    Thank you Virmach, Syed and Others, feel free to use the review on the website.

    - 21/02/2016

  • Im a computer noob never but i never feel stupid asking a question if im having any issues and ive only sppoken to one person in a chat help window but it was both amusing and helpful =]

    ricky bird - 23/02/2016

  • Geil

    Lukas Spangler (Herr) - 23/02/2016

  • None this is my first time.

    Jeremy Davis - 05/03/2016

  • I have to say I appreciate all the help I have received at a relatively quick time. The support is amazing at what they do and help do everything they can to make sure you are happy. I am a very happy customer and proud server owner of PLAYCS.IN which runs flawlessly with the $25USD VPS Plan for Minecraft. I run large world edit commands and large chunk loading at once and this server has enough power to do the large commands with little to no lag! I strongly recommended VPSCraft for your minecraft needs!
    Prices are extremely worth every service you get! 

    Get your server here! By: Vestlr

    Keifer Smith - 05/03/2016

  • Axel Gaming - 06/03/2016

  • Nathan Silva - 06/03/2016

  • Great so far.  However it would be great to specify a public ssh key for auth, instead of only taking a password.

    - 07/03/2016

  • dhmosthenis xama - 08/03/2016

  • I spent 2 days looking for a host that would provide me with what I needed, a simple Minecraft Server even if I had to set it up. The problem was other hosting companies wanted to start 1GB Ram at $25/month and that doesn't even include help setting it up. I decided to keep looking, and boy am I glad I did! I found this hosting company and I am very pleased, $5/month and it had instant setup.

    Jay Mason - 08/03/2016

  • So far everything works perfectly. My server was ready instantly. Great service at affordable price

    Vlado Jelev - 09/03/2016

  • great service

    Günter Kasper - 09/03/2016

  • - 13/03/2016

  • Not much to say; the services work as expected. I haven't had any issues whatsoever.

    Chandler Moore - 14/03/2016

  • Initial set-up took few seconds, vps was up hassle-free. IP-change request done on a quick and professional basis. Never experience any downtime or lag. Great service for a great price.

    George Ostroz - 18/03/2016

  • jesus dominguez (MinecraftServers) - 22/03/2016

  • This service is amazing, I am able to host a free server!

    Vincent Allen - 23/03/2016

  • Your servers are great. I live in Australia and i still get a high speed connection!

    Laurence Schinina (laserTEAMgamers) - 25/03/2016

  • Amazing services and help when needed. Syed A. has helped me with 3 separate tickets and done an outstanding job every time. So far very satisfied with the services overall and support I have received.

    - 03/04/2016

  • I've ordered 5 x Windows VPS, so far so good. No complaints about anything. 

    - 04/04/2016

  • hey can you start my server

    Matthew Silverberg - 06/04/2016

  • 侯 本洲 - 09/04/2016

  • The proxies work well as advertised, and usually have 100% uptime. There have been times where one of my proxies was down alot for a few days, but I was told it was due to DDOS attacks that were eventually resolved. IP changes are answered and executed quickly.

    Jordan Serafin - 25/04/2016

  • Excellent price, excellent support, excellent performance, excellent everything! Couldn't be more happier.

    tom bowditch - 25/04/2016

  • - 09/05/2016

  • - 18/05/2016

  • deng weiwei (deng weiwei) - 01/06/2016

  • norm 

    Lesya Admiralka (LALKA) - 07/06/2016

  • George Durrant - 09/06/2016

  • 李 耀宗 - 11/06/2016

  • Aleksandar Janev (Vasil Trans) - 11/06/2016

  • I have good experience.

    - 13/06/2016

  • keep going ,guys ! nice server and perfect support!

    - 22/06/2016

  • I am so happy with the excellent services provide and affordable price. Hopefully Virmach will maintain its good and excellent services as now. Thank You Virmach.

    - 03/07/2016

  • This is amazing. Will be purchasing more in the future! Recommended for anyone!

    - 08/07/2016

  • Anyway I love your services!  Up to now I already have 7 services from Virmach, and they are solid, tickets respond fast and supporters are friendly. Also I love Virmach's ToS and few people will abuse.

    Miqing Qian (Fudan Univ.) - 08/07/2016

  • great

    mary hilton - 15/07/2016

  • Austin Shapiro - 20/07/2016

  • - 01/08/2016

  • It's wonderful!
    The VPS is My first one, and I love it,thanks.
    Just a little problem,I'm from China,as everyone knows,I got some much lowspeed,high delay etc. from the East of USA.
    I seriously beg to change my VPS location from East to West of USA,and I beg that it's be free.   :D

    Thanks & Best regards!

    Yong Li - 06/08/2016

  • I have been with many VPS provider in whole world, but your 'gear' are excellent, good job guys

    - 14/08/2016


    sipho pro (barberton mines fairview) - 15/08/2016

  • - 15/08/2016

  • Great Service!

    - 15/08/2016

  • No problems at all. Thank you.

    Jakub Blaha - 27/08/2016

  • i was using the more expensive vpn until i heard about this service. it has been great and reliable i am very impressed! and i can now afford to use this and make my business better. thank you!

    - 27/08/2016

  • One of the best VPS I've ever used! Offers great speed for a low value! 

    Ben Huang - 28/08/2016

  • Lin Xi - 29/08/2016

  • Perfect Ubuntu VM Hosting, superb support and good network, all at a wonderful price.
    Many thanks to all the people at VirMach!

    - 31/08/2016

  • bas van den bos - 03/09/2016

  • bas van den bos - 03/09/2016

  • tobias lee - 05/09/2016

  • Extremely satisfied with this service. Was up and running instantly.  

    Tim Grengs - 10/09/2016

  • - 16/09/2016

  • it's stable.

    xiaoning guo (no) - 17/09/2016

  • I have two months with this company, excelent service, very happy.

    Jesus Alberto (None) - 19/09/2016

  • Great service with low price.
    the customer service is always responsive.

    - 24/09/2016

  • Guosheng Chen (cgs) - 27/09/2016

  • Virmach is an excellent cloud hosting company. The support is second to none. Have used this vps cloud host for several months. The owner is very friendly.

    Richard Holland (Sythe AG) - 02/10/2016

  • AMAZED, all I can really say is I'm truly amazed at how amazing the services are here. I own 2 RS 8G VPS and would not go anywhere else. I never really needed help because they are so easy to use and understand. I had a little issue with the speed and I contacted the support and they fixed it within that afternoon. Amazing Thanks again Virmach

    - 03/10/2016

  • Lam Kai Loon - 05/10/2016

  • zhang jonny - 07/10/2016

  • It's probably a 5. I wish I could run benchmarks to compare it with my other VM's, but that seems to be blocked somehow. Or I might be doing it wrong.

    Sean Gray (PapercapeMedia) - 07/10/2016

  • - 09/10/2016

  • Hi, I have just renewed my 3 boxes, I am happy with the service so far, hope you guys stay in the business for long.

    - 10/10/2016

  • Hey guys,
    the service is excellent, i'm very satisfied.
    Thank you.

    omar rayes (mt) - 20/10/2016

  • моя самая лудшая находка за вчё время спосибо разработчикам

    МАКСИМ КОНДРОТЕНКО (hamachi) - 21/10/2016

  • - 24/10/2016

  • Данил Бойко (IndustrialWorld) - 25/10/2016

  • Awesome customer service!

    - 29/10/2016

  • Everything seems to be fine.

    - 22/11/2016

  • YongPeng Zhang (Youzi) - 27/11/2016

  • Fast VPS Fast Network Fast Response

    ZhiFang Wu - 30/11/2016

  • xu wenjun ( - 30/11/2016

  • I've been incredibly impressed with the VMS offerings- not only are they affordable, but they JUST WORK.  Contacting support has been incredibly painless, and anything I've asked for has been handled quickly and professionally.

    I'm quite happy with VMS as a VPS hosting provider, and will certainly be looking to them for future needs.  Thank you!

    Shawn Holwegner (Affable Computers) - 02/12/2016

  • This service is outstanding, they make it super clear when they answer your call for help, and majorly assist with any minor to major problems you may run into.

    Cole Trethewey - 04/12/2016

  • Hello!
    I bought the OVZ-Special-2 Special Offers on November 25, 2016. I found there are something wrong with the network port, can you have a check for me? 
    I am looking forward to hear from you. 
    Meng Zhu
    December 7, 2016 

    Meng Zhu - 07/12/2016

  • Хороший хостинг!
    Я заказал себе бесплатный сервер майнкрафт.
    Теперь играю там с друзьями установил много плагинов всё отлично!

    Dan Nazarko - 08/12/2016

  • got first problem i wrote to support. in the afternoon on sunday got reply and the problem was solved. fast server 7 dollar / is ok and running good. 

    daniel hahn - 12/12/2016

  • - 13/12/2016

  • Dawn Joe (Joe Dawn ) - 13/12/2016

  • Excellent network, performance and price

    凯文 黄 - 20/12/2016

  • gheorghe ANTONOVSCHI (oriflame) - 20/12/2016

  • 非常good !

    ren jie - 20/12/2016

  • Good JOB

    - 23/12/2016

  • test test (test) - 26/12/2016

  • YOU ARE AWSOME, nothing to say about it.

    - 11/01/2017

  • DonZe DonZe (DonZe) - 16/01/2017

  • pwar985 pwar985 (pwar985) - 17/01/2017

  • - 17/01/2017

  • Outstanding service, fast setup. Yes, its possible to get those at a cheap price!

    cirene chua - 18/01/2017

  • Ordered a VPS not expecting too much, was pleasantly surprised with how well it actually ran. I'm glad I came to Virmach for my VPS!

    Alex Lopez - 18/01/2017

  • ardrass Americ (lower) - 21/01/2017

  • I've been with Virmach for a while now and so far so good. Performance and reliability is on PAR with it's competitors costing 3-10x's as much. I have a windows server with this subscription and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. The only issue I have with this service is the storage space. It's a bit small which makes the experience a bit limited on all packages.

    Other than that it's superb.
    I was with turnkey Internet"ripped me off a few times & terrible support", Godaddy"ripped me off here and there", TMDhosting"The Most DOWNGRADED hositng is what they should be called.", A2 Hosting'COST TOO MUCH and they are selling what should be PART of a server", Web'TOO slow", ihost"Slow", 1and1"CHeated me on a few months and banned me for fighting it", and a few others and they all SUCKED big time. There was always issues with them on a range of things such as admin access, lag, payment, and requirement of many things.

    Virmach has been a blessing. You simply pay, connect and you are ready to HOST. What more can you ask for?
    Sincerely, Xiong Vang

    xiong vang (na) - 21/01/2017

  • Артем Джафаров (MINEKRAFT) - 22/01/2017

  • I status am using,but I bought a year with low VPS, if easy to use, I would recommend friends around

    名氏 无 - 23/01/2017

  • naina Mohamed Haja (ovhweb) - 28/01/2017

  • - 31/01/2017

  • Руслан Поляков (Сервер майнкрафта) - 03/02/2017

  • Brilliant services! Great prices!
    I will recommend your services to everyone.
    Thank you VirMach!

    - 07/02/2017

  • i'm chinese.Your Site language is wrong,also i can understand some word. but now chinese write by SimplifiedChinese

    劭楠 张 - 09/02/2017

  • the best rdp ever its was good and always it was online 
    and i can instal my application in them

    mohamed oubnali (med) - 10/02/2017

  • I am absolutely NOT happy with this service, it is OFFline more than on.
    It is costing me money with my business and yet I have to pay for this each month.

    - 12/02/2017

  • great service, great prices!

    wes rood - 16/02/2017

  • Your service is awesome, good and reliable. I give 100% and recomendation of your services. I am really enjoying the service i paid for except the process and the policy of blacklisting some IPs from some geographical region making it uneasy for such subscribers to buy another service or upgrade their services without engaging support. I think returning customers should be whitelisted and given some trust because they have their real information and identity.

    - 17/02/2017

  • Very good.

    - 19/02/2017

  • good

    无敌 天下 (南京维斯得交通工具有限公司) - 20/02/2017


    - 23/02/2017

  • Very good !!!

    你 大爷 (没有) - 04/03/2017

  • Always pretty quick to get back to me and usually pretty understanding. I don't mind making tickets cause I know they usually get figured out fairly quick.

    - 20/10/2014

  • Very good support with skillfull technicians. Good specs and low prices. Easy to use for everyone.

    Hampus Faelstroem - 28/10/2014

  • I really enjoyed the ease of getting into my server after I had purchased a plan, it was like you had designed this for people who aren't the best at figuring out how to set up the pc once they purchase it.

    - 28/10/2014

  • Eli Scott - 03/11/2014

  • brac kirk - 04/11/2014

  • I really love the option to pay with credit card however random subnet ip would be cool too it would be even faster. The 1st proxy seems no lag and working very well i am impatient of using the other 2 on a different ip :)

    - 29/12/2014

  • For a small company, These people are amazing, I had a server with them, however I had to cancel due to no longer playing minecraft, There responses are fast, There people are kind, and they always help you set things up, I even got a custom server at a custom price, $16 a month for a 5gb server, It was fantastic service, Never had a major problem.

    - 04/02/2015

  • This service is amazing, I personally use for runescape botting, for all my long time of being here its never been down, whenever I have problems I simply make a ticket and get a response very fast! I would recommend this to all runescape goldfarmers who are looking for a dedicated service!
    Thanks, Sean

    sean billy - 10/03/2015

  • This service is amazing, I personally use for runescape botting, for all my long time of being here its never been down, whenever I have problems I simply make a ticket and get a response very fast! I would recommend this to all runescape goldfarmers who are looking for a dedicated service!
    Thanks, Sean

    sean billy - 10/03/2015

  • Hello, its services are stunning, low prices and fast
    I wanted to make a suggestion:
    queria que implementantaran el metodo de pago paysafecard, ya que algunos no tienen posibilidad  de tener tarjeta de credito o debito.

    - 12/03/2015

  • They offer free full package Minecraft servers with a lot of perks you wouldn't necessarily think you would get (a FREE voice server, premium support). Amazing. There is no lag on the server. Gameplay is very smooth. You get all of this hosted on premium hardware. Good job! You deserve every client you get. :)

    Paul Michael (none) - 18/03/2015

  • Really, really, really good company, love their ethos, love their prices and love the support! Great hosting company, would recommend highly to anyone.

    Laurence Walpole - 15/04/2015

  • the site is simpelto use and the admems are realy helfel I reckamend this site for small to  meadem minecraft servers.

    Kaitlin O'doneld ( ) - 22/07/2015

  • I am a Minecraft Server Owner, And I really appreciate the support team, They can even response within 1-2 hours.. That's amazing! And they provide Good Specs at Low Price, That's what's people been searching these times.
    So, I think this is the perfect choice for a perfect hosting.

    Jason Adiwijaya - 07/08/2015

  • Mai Xiong - 08/03/2017

  • Cheap and cheerful with instant setup. Can't beat it.

    Jonny Warner - 13/03/2017

  • The registration process is excellent, fully automated. I could only give a rating of 4 because I have not yet begun actually using your services as I have just recently completed the registration.

    Jayvee James Santos - 22/01/2016

  • Sometime we experience lagging on the server but the whole it's good

    - 30/01/2016

  • Tadeo Baeza - 09/02/2016

  • Jake Howell - 10/02/2016

  • Virmach is a good server hosting provider,but if the server can get more stable in uptime and low latency for asia,it can be the best and the cheapest server hosting. I like Virmach's price and i had been use for their service for 8months. Their minecraft server is very good for us to play happily.

    - 18/02/2016

  • service people not bad, the handle result can just be accept, i just say i will have a good east friendly relation to you. and what about you?

    bige xiu (bigexiu) - 27/02/2016

  • zhao chen (asdf) - 01/03/2016

  • You can view my review here:

    Ijat Rf - 04/03/2016

  • The vps is stable except that  the graph view is unavailable . Surely I don't care about it , so no tickets are submit.
    Others is good.
    I am satisfied

    - 16/03/2016

  • Good response

    - 19/03/2016

  • Everything works properly and the server is able to maintain itself 24/7.  A small world, low number of plugins is perfect for using a low RAM minecraft server.  However, the disk space is quite low even for a small server, but still usable.   

    Danny Smash - 15/04/2016

  • - 21/04/2016

  • zhao meng (qingqingdao) - 23/05/2016

  • Generally it is stable and the price is extremely affordable. But maybe the RAM is too small I am only able to run Debian 7 X86 without problem. Tried CentOS 6, the yum update is failed, looks like due to memory issue. 

    Fergus Huang (none) - 30/06/2016

  • This is the cheapest & securest company ever.I am buying loads of vps's, domains!

    - 20/07/2016

  • - 30/07/2016

  • qiaoduo mo (qdest) - 07/08/2016

  • - 21/08/2016

  • first impression is very good, performance of dedicated seems to be decent, order process has been hassle free at all, everything works as expected. best regards

    Falko Guttzeit (EDV Beratung / USt-ID: DE240401648) - 25/08/2016

  • yunpeng an - 07/09/2016

  • price is cheap, services are good
    however, the speed is slow and I know that's why

    - 17/09/2016

  • 露男 韩 (shadows) - 23/09/2016

  • - 25/09/2016

  • - 05/10/2016

  • franklin chirinos - 03/11/2016

  • Prices are great, servers are great. But i had a issue with billing system just billed me twice my server at paypal(i believe they should work at billing system)

    Pedro Leal - 09/11/2016

  • - 19/11/2016

  • I can not talk too much because I'm not using it, but I'm waiting for confirmation of payment to see if your system will suit me well.


    Fabricio Lima - 22/11/2016

  • angre engre (biokey ) - 02/12/2016

  • I hope to provide more language services for China, thank you

    - 04/12/2016

  • I need a feature auto stop my vps when comming to exceed bandwith

    Vinh Huynh The - 15/12/2016

  • В каком разделе надо устанавливать плагины? Решите проблему - тогда 5

    Нельин Артём (Щенки) - 20/12/2016

  • It's great so far.
    Network is good and disk speed is nice.
    I haven't done too much with it, but future looks bright.

    - 25/12/2016

  • God be praised, first want people to know that God is wonderful. Also i have been with the virmach service nearly two months, just happy that the tech support worked with me today patiently until we were able to find a problem and the prices are very competitive with so far basically no inconvenience from the side of virmach, i am thankful to God to have found the service i am trying to start a hosting company at Great value praise Jesus

    - 19/01/2017

  • Took their time to help me set up my proxy, stayed calm and very professional.
    For anyone doubting if this service will be of use, it sure is.

    Bas van der Toorn (-) - 24/01/2017

  • - 20/02/2017

  • aleksejs aleksejs (mine) - 16/03/2017

  • Live chat is quick, usually get help in less than 24 hours.
    VPS runs smooth
    No Complaints from my customers who buy from me.
    Its just Great.

    Vedant Goel - 03/11/2014

  • Amazon Payments doesn't work, but apart from that, Great hosting site!

    Harry Gearing - 03/03/2015

  • Get a lot of down time

    Takes a long time to get a ticket response

    Do get partial refund when service does go down which is good

    do get a lot of lag some times

    - 01/05/2015

  • Eikka juuu u - 20/01/2016

  • Florentin Walter - 24/01/2016

  • just  so so

    - 26/01/2016

  • I like the format of the website, but I can't seem to figure out how to get my minecract server working. Please tell me how.

    Luke Dioguardi - 02/04/2016


    - 02/04/2016

  • Good server. Very, very bad help. Still have a ticket unanswered, been waiting all day.

    Matt Kenny - 01/05/2016

  • - 28/05/2016

  • how i can start the server

    mostafa allam - 03/06/2016

  • Sometimes, Can't pay the invoices via paypal

    Andrew Jing - 12/06/2016

  • It's a decent web hosting but It's annoying I'm trying to submit a ticket and it wont work so if they could fix that then it would be an easy 4 stars from me

    - 12/06/2016

  • Everything You Do Requires A Ticket. They State It Takes 8 Hours Before The Ticket Can Be Read. Price Is Very Good And Same With Value It Just Takes Forever For Anything To Be Done Or Upgraded.

    Note from VirMach: Customer wanted custom upgrades after purchase, which must be done manually by certain support agents. Most tickets were replied to within 1 to 5 hours.

    - 06/07/2016

  • cn dane - 13/10/2016

  • Doom Chicken - 27/10/2016

  • Doom Chicken - 27/10/2016

  • JustCraft JustCraft (JustCraft) - 06/11/2016

  • slowest vpn ever tried

    - 02/12/2016

  • 徐 长彬 (彬哥) - 02/12/2016

  • Vps is pretty good and fast, I felt it was satisfied but I have not found the a good quality of support. I hope the future can provide better support and friendly. Because I feel the support virmach less friendly and can only be in contact during limited hours.

    Lutfi Handayani (Web) - 31/01/2017

  • гдe Minecraft Gaming?????

    anton Kotlybovskii (RoboTopTeams) - 03/02/2017

  • fengyu chen - 07/03/2017

  • fengyu chen - 07/03/2017

  • Very slow support, very slow servers, and you shut down the servers whenever you like.

    Darrin Wu - 16/03/2017

  • It's very slow... barely usable...

    alexandru dumitriu - 29/01/2016

  • - 12/03/2016

  • When I first purchased your service it worked flawlessly for a couple of weeks until the last week or so which I have had quite a bit of down time. Unfortunately I saw this review on the day I have had the most down time unluckily for you guys I guess.

    - 03/04/2016

  • First server works really well, love it so far. Thank you.
    Second server's network speed is ~80Mbps down and ~0.5Mbps Up. It's supposed to be 1Gbps. It's been 4 days and no resolution. No new machine granted in place of the one having issues. Been waiting to migrate but can't until the server is reliable. Support has also been really slow about it.

    Note from VirMach: Customer's dedicated server had issues with the network cable; this was replaced by the datacenter and the customer credited.

    Vick Singh - 14/08/2016

  • 响应太慢!

    - 29/08/2016

  • Fair enough your automatic set up for the VPS is good. I have opened a ticket about 2-3 days ago struggling to open the VPS on a mac which yet hasn't been replied too. Also I have opened a ticket about getting my IP changed as it is blacklisted and I haven't had a reply to that one also. As you haven't replied I have had to create a new order and pay another $14 to have my IP changed because you simply haven't replied in ages.

    Elliot Wetton - 21/12/2014

  • Well i got this earlier been trying to get the bot of my choice to work for like a hour, customer service stoped replying, and they haven't responded to my inquiry about a refund yet.

    Braxton Paul - 25/08/2015

  • Worst service ever they suspended my VPS without any notice and I did nothing wrong I am loosing my traffic They are Scammers

    Ossama Rafique (StringAds) - 20/03/2017

  • Reactivate my VPS right now Why it is disabled? Activate it right now

    Ossama Rafique (StringAds) - 20/03/2017

  • I started service and was running well and no feedback/complaint about disk space. I paid a year in advance.
     You changed terms & conditions and now each server uses "too much disk space"although it only runs gmail or google spreadsheet program. Everytime my vps get suspended and now one (which I paid for 1 year) has been removed.

    So if I pay for 1 year in advance, terms from time of closure and not chaned in between and than close down the service

    Note from VirMach:  We do not suspend for using too much disk space. Customer was using an extremely large amount of I/O, and the issue has since been resolved with the customer's service re-instated.

    - 29/01/2016

  • 给你们一星都太多了

    n zj - 08/05/2017

  • Stefan Rippke (endermancraft) - 30/01/2016

  • tthey dont know how to fix my server's problem

    Note from VirMach: Customer did not follow directions; customer had too many files and plugins and we needed some cleaned up to locate the problem. Customer was being helped outside of normal support level, out of courtesy, and did not have a managed service.

    Alexis Garcia (Minecraft) - 10/02/2016

  • I can not handle the control Panel
    Is it possible to provide an explanatory video

    - 23/02/2016

  • The status of my virtual machine is always OFFLINE since the time I got it several hours ago 
    And I NEVER get any help from the ticket
    So I really wanna what is the next step of U or I 

    Note from VirMach: The customer was assisted within 4-6 hours.

    chan ys - 21/03/2016


    - 22/03/2016

  • No comprehensive user guide and support not helping at all (it even suggesting me to look in internet?! oh yes very helpful indeed), IP address checking is annoying (what do you care if I pay or use my account from different country, do you think people will stay in the same place or country everyday??) and no refund policy for cancelling order after 24 hours of payment (what an offer! and I bought for a year of service, one of the worst decision i had in my life). 

    Thank you and I don't think I will refer your service to my colleague.

    Enough is enough.

    Risky Nugraha - 18/04/2016

  • Its been 24+hours and no response from support.Server doesnt work properly since deployment yesterday.Having several issues,usually offline.Managed to troubleshoot myself and now again server is offline.Unresponsive support and awful vpses.Its been a day I need my money back.

    Saroj Sapkota - 15/05/2016

  • Its been 24+hours and no response from support.Server doesnt work properly since deployment yesterday.Having several issues,usually offline.Managed to troubleshoot myself and now again server is offline.Unresponsive support and awful vpses.Its been a day I need my money back.

    Note from VirMach: Customer made a billing request, which takes longer than normal support but was completed within 24 hours. Customer created multiple tickets with multiple responses, which increased response time. Customer's service was suspended after sending out malicious attacks.

    Saroj Sapkota - 15/05/2016

  • - 09/06/2016

  • Ming Zhao (CHNG) - 17/06/2016

  • Very bad! I cant't stand it

    Note from VirMach: Customer ordered a backordered location (and was notified accordingly before the purchase) and was upset about the wait. Customer waited and received his service, but had the choice to request a cancellation/refund.

    - 27/06/2016

  • no one answer the tiket for me .when I pay my order ,not any notification about that produte has been sold out ,and when I found that I have pay the wrong order I open a tiket as soon as possibility,but 12hours has gone, not any reply for me I didn't know that when I can take my refund and order the other service for that I wanted

    Note from VirMach: Customer received a response and a free location change. Notifications are provided when a location is out of stock and backordered, on the order form.

    steven wu (eccom) - 30/06/2016

  • Your support team seems to consist of inept people. I work in medical IT and I haven't seen a customer support system that is this lazy. A KVM VPS apparently is too hard to downgrade the disk size! So, at the suggestion of the support technician, I order another VPS, which is breaking the "fair use policy" while I'm trying to set it up. Horrible Service. I'm going to give my review of VirMach to all of the IT clients my company services, and it's going to be a very bad one.

    Note from VirMach: Our system is incapable of automatically downgrading disk on KVM services. This requires manual intervention from a system administrator, which costs extra time and money. We decided to waive any fees, but customer did not respond to move forward with the manual disk downgrade. Customer's service was using extreme amounts of I/O and was powered off out of courtesy instead of an immediate suspension.

    - 04/07/2016

  • Seriously, this company (Virtual Machine Solutions) provides the WORST service ever! My VPS was freezed for weeks and support didn't even want to help to reset! RIDICULOUS!

    Note from VirMach: Customer did not reply to our responses. Customer's service was online and running; customer refused directions to reboot his VPS through his control panel.

    - 08/07/2016

  • Your technicians do not seem to understand the difference between NAT and a proxy server. I purchased services while at work and received a demand for a response from "your own IP". If your technicians do not understand what NAT is and that it is not a proxy server, I cannot trust that you will be able to troubleshoot an actual problem with the network connection to my VPS.

    Note from VirMach: When ordering, a customer's IP must match billing address to avoid any problems with our anti-fraud systems. 

    - 17/07/2016

  • over 24 hours since service activation and i still have not been able to access the service. Support is not forth coming

    Note from VirMach: Customer's service was immediately activated and accessible. Customer did not read and follow the instructions in the welcome e-mail.

    brad vicelow - 29/07/2016

  • - 07/08/2016

  • (
    This virtual server has been suspended by the administrator. Please contact support

    Note from VirMach: Customer did not reply to our message in regards to the suspension; once a response is given an unsuspension may occur.

    lei tianya - 08/08/2016

  • Horrible Customer service :(. Almost been 24 Hours and not gotten a respond whats so ever.

    Note from VirMach: Customer continuously replied to his own ticket, causing longer than normal response times on our support system. Customer expected additional managed support outside of our normal support level. Customer was later suspended for sending out DoS attacks.

    Ula NA - 12/08/2016

  • Buying three proxy servers two hours ago and they still have not given me them.

    Note from VirMach: There was a temporary stock shortage; service was delivered within the day.

    Jesper Gustavsson - 18/08/2016

  • Purchased the vps about an hour ago and it has serious issues with botting. Botting client freezes.

    Note from VirMach: Customer was assisted in a support ticket in resolving the issue. Customer was later refunded as requested, out of courtesy, even though customer was ineligible for a refund.

    Wojciech Mazur - 21/08/2016

  • When i click VNC the windows application keeps freezing. I cant access my VPS at all

    Note from VirMach: Customer's service was suspended for violating our terms of service, therefore, he cannot access the VPS.

    - 24/08/2016

  • You are a bunch of stupid, useless people.  You are nothing but thieves.

    Note from VirMach: Customer forgot to cancel dedicated server; expected multiple setup fees and other fees to be waived. Out of courtesy, customer was assisted. Customer again forgot to cancel a custom dedicated server after it was already renewed with the datacenter and was upset, even though given multiple warnings and courtesy refunds/fee waivers in the past.

    Anibal Echeveste - 30/08/2016

  • worst service ever i get. vps is the thing with that people are running software. people are buying service to run software in vps. but when something error occurs when we are trying to contact support tream. there is no response at all. whatever is going though on our hand but support is Zero. i would like to rate your customer support is ZERO.

    Note from VirMach: Customer received a response to all tickets. Customer broke terms of service, which may have temporarily caused an "error" (suspension.) Customer received a refund outside of refund period, out of courtesy.

    - 31/08/2016

  • Slow customer support.. Bad services.. Slow server response.. I want to stay longer.. But sorry.. Just 4 days make me want to cancel my VPS.. My suggestion, before you buy. Please buy this server while you really free and test everything.. So you may got refund.. Goodbye.. :(

    Note : I already paid other company VPS.. Much more better..

    Note from VirMach:  All of customer's tickets received a response - customer wanted to upgrade disk, which does take longer than general support. There was a temporary network issue that was resolved. Customer may have experienced slow server response due to being over 8000 miles away from the server location selected.


  • Jian Luo - 11/09/2016

  • Horrible. Never able to use VPS for what I needed. 
    The set up was a pain. The tech support was not good. 
    Eventually when VPS was up, it later when down again. I considered it a write off. It sucked!
    NEver ever ever coming back

    - 14/09/2016

  • You stolen my referral bonus!

    Note from VirMach:  Customer is confused about how the affiliate system works and was expecting a payout for orders that were never completed/paid.

    HOU Yewei - 25/09/2016

  • Isaac Thaler - 27/09/2016

  • its very slow and the cursir didn t move i can t use the vps plz fixe the problme 

    - 07/10/2016

  • Poor service. Ordered a 30 GB hard disk for a very long time, poor support and documentation. Have no clue how to get the hard disk into the primary partition with no help. Thinking of cancelling!

    - 10/10/2016

  • I paid for 1 full year of VPS subscription.  I can't access certain website because my VPS is hosted in US and the website prohibits visitor from US.  In August, I paid to migrate my VPS from US to Germany.  According to Syed, it is done and a new IP address was given.  However, i still cannot access the website.  From August till now, there is nothing Virmach can do and nothing has been done to assist me.  My subscription will expire in Feb 2017.  I have many months to go.  So from Aug 2016 to Feb 2017, I am not given any refund and there is no resolution.  Check my record, I did not provide false information, no information or uses profanity.  You can choose not to publish my experience with your services in this review site but you can't stop me from publishing in all the review sites that I can find in the internet.  I choose to do it here so you have a chance to carry out damage control while you still can.  My IP Address with Virmach is

    - 24/10/2016

  • - 05/11/2016

  • The service I have received so far is appalling, terrible, horrendous. I was allocated a VM which apparently is sending out spam and for this reason, it is blocked. I have been batting emails back and forth with support, but to no avail. Should have gone to another service provider. Very disappointed. Would not be recommending it. 

    - 15/12/2016

  • Cannot get any support during "open" hours.  System says phone services only available from 9am EST to 5pm EST (it is currently 1pm EST and NO RESPONSE)

    Ticket service is not responsive, not able to submit a ticket.

    Unable to log in to my VPS - this is what I need help with.

    Note from VirMach:  Customer created a ticket because he could not locate a visible button on the screen. Customer received a response within 3 hours.

    - 03/01/2017

  • Bill Gates - 12/01/2017

  • Kicked out of server for installing critical Windows Updates and now find out you don't do pro-rate refunds. Very poor.

    - 14/01/2017

  • dear i but a plan from your website.
    for only one month i dis activated also from billing area, click "Services," select the service you want to cancel, and click the red "Cancel" button.

    but from last 3 months i am again and again charging my customer area is restricted .
    last month ticket id Ticket ID: #238725
    with same problem .
    and today i also get charged please refund my last 2 month deducted balance.
    i am not able to generate ticket so i am writing here is this type of service you provide to customers

    - 29/01/2017

  • will not be renewing joke 

    - 08/02/2017

  • Website is slow as crawling and cloudflare page javascript verfication page keeps popping up. Ordering/payment process is very broken. After payment service is not created. Worst VPS provider I have ever seen.

    - 20/02/2017

  • I have been with them for less than one month. I took a vps from them to host 5 wordpress websites using a kloxo manager.

    In 3 weeks, my VPS has been nullrouted 2 times (48hours each time).

    First given reason:
    There are no issues with the node. I believe you are running out of memory...
    Soheil G.

    I had only 46% memory used ! and others is buffered. i told it to them second reason they gived me:

    We have detected a large volume of email being sent from your IP.... Your machine appears to have been used to send SPAM. We have null routed the source...
    Syed A.
    Sr. Sys Admin & Support Agent

    There are no spam there i m IT manager for more than 10 years  all my maillogs there was clean.... They take me for a noob !

    What I can advise you is to run away. Or take a server somewhere else, if you haven't already done: RUN !

    - 23/02/2017

  • As of Now Virmach not responding my Concern

    john christopher torre (none) - 06/03/2017

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