Starting a bot on a RS plan

Hello, this article will cover how to make an account and use your new plan to it's full advantage.

For this article, we will be using the RS3G plan available here for all interested customers.

Let's start off by connecting to VNC, you should use the desktop viewer link that is provided in your service panel. Or you can use the desktop viewer directly with this link:

Now you will need to make an account, you can do this by going to the Firefox Browser in the taskbar and browsing to the Runescape website. It is highly recommended that you make the account on the VPS that you plan to bot with.

GIF of opening the browser

Once you have made the account, you can continue to your favorite bot's website and download the latest version of their client. For this example, we will use TriBot.

Opening TRiBot, downloading bot and running it.

Now you have the bot open and ready to use with your new account! Please keep in mind this article may be updated with more information later.
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