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This article will answer all frequently asked questions regarding our new Ryzen services. Please read this article before contacting us regarding our Ryzen services, Ryzen migrations, and everything else Ryzen. Please note, VirMach is not affiliated with AMD. This is in related to our servers using AMD Ryzen processors.

How to I upgrade to a Ryzen Server?

We will be migrating some old nodes to new Ryzen nodes. You'll receive an email if a migration is schedule. No further information is provided at this time and there is no specific schedule. If the button is available and working for your service and account, you may also be able to use the "Ryzen Upgrade" or formerly known "Ryzen Migrate" button to move your service more immediately, without data, to Ryzen.

I incorrectly have two IP addresses on my service, what do I do?

Some people who formerly used our Ryzen reserve feature may temporarily have an extra IP. There is no need to contact us, we'll remove this at a later time. 

I don't have a Ryzen button, or it won't work, what do I do?

In this case you are not eligible in using this feature. We cannot answer any questions as to why, so please respect that and do not create any tickets regarding the lack of this free optional feature.

I have a new Ryzen service I purchased advertised as Ryzen, which department do I use for support?

You may use all of our departments. There is no need to use the new Ryzen department. This is only for questions in relation to all other errors with Ryzen such as stuck services in migration or issues specifically with the Ryzen nodes, not necessarily your service.

My operating system won't install and service remains offline. What do I do?

In most cases, it means that operating system is not yet supported. Please select another operating system, and ensure it's labeled as "Ryzen Compatible."

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