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The differences between our Premium RS SOCKS Proxies and our Premium Private Proxies are listed below.

The Premium RS SOCKS Proxies are:

  • Specifically for RS customers
  • Slightly lower RAM (since RS is not very intensive)
  • More bandwidth (although customers never use all of it)
  • SOCKS5 only
  • Not at any specific location

The Premium Private Proxies currently sold:

  • Will soon also be an HTTP option for using in web browsers and other applications
  • Will also most likely have a "VPN" option added sometime soon
  • Have an IP change per month; you don't have to be blacklisted on RS to qualify for the change
  • Have larger packs offered, can mix and match
  • Are hosted on several servers with several subnets, random order: better for multiple purchases
  • Multiple locations you can select, again, it's aimed for use by more than just RS customers
  • KVM virtualization, higher CPU, a little bit smoother
  • Larger packages only come with one IP change per month,  to keep cost down (although you can just buy one by one)

However there are some differences between the two type of proxies in terms of management.

Changing the Password

  • With OpenVZ it was as simple as pressing the button and there is a button for KVM(don't worry), however some people like to have their own custom password.
  • What you will need to do is login to SolusVM and select your proxy, then hit the change root password button.
  • Then you can use PuTTY. Once downloaded, enter your server's IP, click 'Open' and enter root as your username, then enter the generated password when asked
  • Or you can use the VNC button on SolusVM, that will open a Java applet with an SSH session where the below can be typed into after logging in.
  • Once logged in to your proxy, you can simply run the command passwd
  • You will be prompted for a new password
  • Once you finish up the process, your password will be changed to the one you last entered.

We've hope that's helped - We may add more commonly asked questions as soon as we get a feel for what kinds of questions you want answered.

Thanks for using Virmach!

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