Select the support level for your account

Change at any time. By default, standard level of support is included and not required to be added.

Extra Support

We'll provide the following in addition to the free standard support level.

  • Exclusive support queue & skip knowledgebase - your tickets will be seen by support agents sooner in many cases and reviewed sooner, and receive more frequent updates. A human will guide you and discuss common issues instead of referring you to the knowledgebase

  • Custom ISO/Image assistance - We'll lift the limit of 2GB for custom ISO requests, and also help with troubleshooting mounting an ISO and going through the installer if you run into problems. In some cases we may also be able to assist you with imaging and custom OS image deployment.

  • General semi-management - we will assist you with basic tasks on your service that you are usually expected to perform/maintain yourself (not directly related to your cloud service) such as common errors that may appear on Linux and Windows operating systems, manual password resets, kernel panics, and quick tasks.

  • Access to Live Chat - Basic level of support through live chat. Please note, in some cases live chat may be unavailable or more complicated matters may be moved to tickets, and we still recommend tickets for thorough support.

  • Additional account management - Get support for multiple accounts at the same organization. We'll provide support in relation to managing multiple accounts and users, and merging or splitting accounts.

In cases where your service's support was marked as "limited" such as a promotion/special offer, or if access to optional tools were limited, this will restore functionality and support (account-wide.)

Priority Support

We'll provide the following in addition to the "extra" support level.

  • Priority tickets - we will waive the fee for priority ticket department usage (save $15 per ticket, maximum of 4 per month.)

  • Access to advanced live chat - All levels of support become available through live chat, including more complicated issues and technical support. We'll also maintain a copy of the chat in a ticket for future reference for major account or service changes.

  • Skip the departments - a human will sort and flag your tickets to the appropriate department and you can always use the custom department without your ticket being rejected. It's still recommended to use the appropriate department if possible.

  • Management - we will provide up to one hour of free management per month ($60 value.) This includes full assistance with setup, troubleshooting, or configuration. We can also assist with security hardening, and can set up monitoring services for your service(s.) Recommended if you have a goal in mind but unsure how to achieve it.

  • Additional SLA - during outages, we can provide more personalized communication and updates instead of referring you to the network status page and provide a temporary replacement service. Any requested store credit for outages will receive (2) weeks instead of the standard amount.

This is a good entry-level support level if you intend on using our services as a production server (for small business, where more immediate access to our support is required.)

Premium Support

We'll provide the following in addition to the "priority" support level.

  • Contingency planning - we'll contact you to better understand how services are being utilized and label any critical/production servers (additional services not included if required, must be purchased) and assist with setting up failover to reduce the impact of outages, or setting up additional backups.

  • Custom solutions - ability to communicate with our developer or management to implement bespoke solutions. For example, we can set up custom templates for your deployments, custom configuration plans for bulk purchase, set up/modify desired host nodes with specific management software, or implement basic feature requests.

  • Maintenance deferment/consideration - in some cases we may be able to modify maintenance windows to better suit your needs, consider delaying any planned changes to minimize impact, with the possibility of additional notifications per your requirements.

  • Custom/live support channels - as desired, we'll work with you to set up an additional method of contact with us, such as Skype, Discord, or Slack, for more immediate assistance without having to access our website.

  • Account lockout & bill assistance - should you get locked out of your account for forgetting your two factor authentication, at this level of support we can assist you in getting back into your account after a thorough audit, unless you prefer this option to be disabled. We'll also make customized billing changes with additional grace period and work with you on payment issues.

This is a good level of support if you prefer support with more attention to detail, at a level closer to concierge service.

Critical Enterprise Support

We'll provide the following in addition to the "premium" support level.

  • Account manager - we will assign a temporary account manager and if necessary hire an additional member to our team to meet your needs, with at minimum direct access to your account manager Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM (US pacific time.)

  • Included 24x7 monitoring - we will add all desires services to our monitoring software, with an on-call agent receiving alerts and taking action just as we would for any of our own production servers. Please be sure to discuss you specific requirements with your account manager.

  • Custom configured backups - for all virtual private servers (not including storage plans) we can set up several daily backups for requested services, included at no additional charge. In case of catastrophic outages, we will manually load the most recent backup (as soon as possible) to a new temporary deployment or per your request/requirements.

  • Included clone services - optionally, define your most critical services with us, and we'll provide up to $400 per month in additional services set up loaded in automatically multiple times a day from the backups, for more immediate access. This is a more comprehensive addition to the custom configured backups.

  • Full Management - receive up to one hour of full management per day, for a total of up to 30 hours of full management per month ($1800 value.)

This is a good level of support if you require the best level of support possible. Please note, this support level is "fair use" meaning in certain cases if your quantity of services and requirements exceed or capabilities, we will reach out and work out a customized support plan for you. While this is rare, it may need to be discussed for accounts with several hundred or more services.