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Installing certain operating systems will result in issues if your virtual private server does not have sufficient resources. This may end up appearing as other issues, such as network issues, because the operating system is not functioning properly. This should become apparent when you first install an operating system, which also occurs when you place a new order, but can also occur at a later time as you continue to run out of resources.


You can quickly notice this issue in a few different ways. First, view the "VNC" on your service details page (Services --> My Services --> Select a service.) Then:

  • If you notice an error on the screen, such as no disk or kernel issues / kernel panic, chances are that you do not have the sufficient disk space or memory to run that operating system.
  • If the operating system is auto-updating, or you attempt to update it, and the virtual server randomly crashes during this update, this means you are running out of memory.
  • If you open a web browser or a program and it crashes, chances are that you are running out of memory. For most operating systems with a desktop/GUI, you should have at least 1GB RAM.
  • If you can access VNC but (on Windows) Remote Desktop does not function, this could be because you're running out of memory or processing power. Check your resource monitor.


  • Re-install a lower version of the operating system. Most newer versions of Linux require 512MB of RAM, and Windows requires 1GB-1.5GB RAM. Some operating systems will not function on 10GB or lower disk.
  • Try installing from ISO (you can mount an ISO instead of selecting an operating system image.)
  • Upgrade your package to the next available, with higher resources.

Please remember, when networking does not function (such as SSH or ping) that could mean the operating system is not functioning correctly. Always check VNC first, before creating a ticket about network issues. And if your service is offline, please also check this before reporting an outage.

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