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To migrate your service from its current datacenter location to another, you can make a migration request for a standard fee. Navigate to "Services", "My Services", and select the service that you wish to migrate. Click the "Migrate" button and select your desired location from the dropdown. If you choose to migrate your server "Without Data", your current server will be deleted and a new server will be created in your desired location. If you choose to migrate your server "With Data", your request will be forwarded to our ticket queue for a support agent to handle. Please note that as long as your migration request ticket is open, your service may be taken offline at any time to perform the migration. The duration of downtime depends on the size of your server, with bigger servers requiring more downtime.

After your request has been submitted a ticket and invoice will be gnerated. To pay the associated invoice, go to "Billing", "My Invoices" and pay the invoice mentioned on the generated ticket.

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