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To add a contact/sub-account, navigate to the drop down that says "Hello, <your name>" and click "Contacts/Sub-Accounts." Here, you can add a new contact, by filling out their information and clicking "Save Changes." By default, they will only receive e-mails that you select. To provide further permissions, under "Activate Sub-account" check the box next to "Tick to configure as a sub-account with client area access."

Below is a description of each available permission you can grant to the sub-account:

  • Modify Master Account Profile - They will be able to modify your profile details on your primary account (your account.) 
  • View Products & Services - They can view all your services on Services --> My Services and other products, excluding domains.
  • Perform Single Sign-On - They will be able to log into your control panels, such as SolusVM VPS Control Panel and cPanel. 
  • Manage Domain Settings - They will be able to modify domain settings, such as nameservers/DNS.
  • View & Accept Quotes - They will be able to view/accept quotes on your behalf regarding paid technical support.
  • View & Manage Affiliate Account - They can manage your affiliate account, which is used to refer people/collect funds.
  • Place New Orders/Upgrades/Cancellations - They can order new services, upgrade existing services, and cancel/terminate services.
  • View & Manage Contacts - They can manage your contacts, such as the one you're adding right now.
  • View & Modify Product Passwords - They can modify passwords from the billing area. Please note, they also can do this in other ways above/below.
  • View Domains - They can view your domain products on Domains --> My Domains, as well as SSL certificates.
  • View & Pay Invoices - They can view all invoices and also make payments on your behalf.
  • View & Open Support Tickets - They can contact us on your behalf, which also means they can potentially gain access to your services.
  • View Emails - They can view all the emails your account received under the "Email History" section of the billing area.

Please grant permission at your own risk, only to trusted users.

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To remove a contact, on the same page, select a contact on the dropdown, scroll down, and click "Delete Contact."

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