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To properly diagnose a connection issue, we need to see where the connection is dropping or having problems. Please follow the steps below.

Reconfigure Networking

The first step that may resolve your issue is to "re-configure networking" if this is an option on your control panel. This will reset the networking for your virtual server. Then, if your virtual server runs Windows, run troubleshooting on your server's operating system. Just  type in the search bar "Troubleshoot Network" or right click on the networking icon on the bottom right side of the screen, and click "Troubleshoot." If you still have problems, based on the specific issue please follow the steps below before contacting support.

Packet Loss / Can't Connect

Please download WinMTR or similar program, and ping/route to the IP address of your VPS from your computer. Leave this running until at least 500 hops, or iterations. Then please do the same from your VPS, if possible - we can do this for you if you cannot access the VPS, as long as you create a ticket and permit us to. After having these pieces of information, we can better diagnose your connection issue.

Slow Download/Upload Speed

Is your server downloading or uploading files slower than expected? To properly test your network, you need to ensure the server you're downloading from is close to your server's location and capable of outputting high enough speeds.
  • We can do this for you if you contact us, or check out our Looking Glass here:
  • Remember, on virtual servers, the port is shared, so on average, you should expect about 30-60%
  • Increased distance from location may reduce speed. You will not receive full port speed if you're far away.

Port Forward/Firewall

We do not block any ports by default on your virtual server (except for port 25 as we do not allow mail-servers.) Therefore, port-forwarding is not required. If a port is not functioning on your virtual server, it may be related to the software you are running and not any networking restrictions from our end.
Windows machines come with Windows Firewall, so you need to ensure the port is open on the firewall. If you install other security software, on any operating system, they may also block ports for security reasons. This is on an operating system level and you can modify the settings by logging into your virtual server.

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