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Out of memory errors, not being able to connect to RDP and receiving other strange errors are all related to not having enough memory, and they occur more on our smaller packages. The best solution is to upgrade to a package that has more memory, but you can alleviate this problem by using some of your solid state drive as memory. You can do this by enabling Page File (Virtual Memory.)

Step One:

Open "Control Panel" and click "System and Security" and then finally "System."

Step Two:

Click "Advanced System Settings" and then under "Performance" click "Settings..." Finally, click "Advanced" and this should bring up an update to "Change..." your "Virtual Memory" settings. 

Step Three: 

Click "Change..." and then click "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives." Save these settings, and reboot.


Please note that this may cause you to use excessive amounts of disk and disk operations. When you are using disk instead of memory for something that would normally require memory, it is not optimal. If you are running processes that constantly store and then remove data from memory, and it ends up being done on the disk, your service may breach our Acceptable Usage Policy. 

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