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If you are attempting to reach a website or another server, and that website or server refuses access to you, please understand that any website can block anyone for any reason and it is outside of our control. Each website has their own terms of service, and many of them may not want traffic from datacenters (where your server or VPS would reside.)


Some websites may require that you fill out captchas more than usual, as they are attempting to verify you are a human since many people use virtual private servers to automate tasks (and that website may not want that done.)

Cloudflare blocks:

If you receive a message that you are banned/blocked from accessing a webpage, followed by a Cloudflare code 1xxx it means that the owner of that website is using Cloudflare to filter out traffic resembling a certain patterns. Cloudflare allows websites to block based on location (for example, USA) or they can block all traffic from suspected datacenter IP addresses.


This means that the webserver is blocking you from accessing their website, usually because they use broad lists that exclude datacenter IPs from accessing their websites.


What to do?

Unfortunately, outside of an IP change request, there is not much you can do. An IP change request will only work if your certain specific IP address is blocked, and not if the website/server is blocking entire large ranges of addresses for arbitrary reasons. To request an IP change, you can navigate to Services --> My Services, and select the relevant service. Then, click on the "Switch IP" button on that page.

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