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To verify your email address, simply check your email inbox & spam folder for the account verification email we send you on account creation. You may resend this email by visiting the client area and clicking the "Resend" button near the top center of the page.

Not receiving verification email?

There are three common reasons for not receiving the email. Please check this before creating a ticket with our customer support, so you know what information to provide to speed up the process.

  1. If you created your account with us before you created the email address, the email would have been marked as non-existent in our system and our mailing system no longer sends any emails, to prevent bounced email volume. You would need to provide an explanation on why you provided a non-existent email when creating your account, and request your email address be removed from the email suppression list.
  2. You may have entered the wrong email address. Double check for spelling, and if it is incorrect, then please search the knowledgebase for how to change/correct your email address.
  3. Your mail provider may be blocking emails from us. This is becoming more common, where your email provider may decide to block an email before it even reaches your spam inbox, if they incorrectly mark our emails as spam. This is an issue you'd have to verify with your mail provider. Outlook/Microsoft and QQ have been known to block emails to a greater level, without proper reasoning.

If you are still not receiving emails, please contact us and be sure to let us know that you have verified the above three issues are non-existent. 

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