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Below is a list of common errors when using the SolusVM VPS Control panel, what they mean, and how to resolve them.


The node is currently locked.

  • If you see a message "The node is currently locked" it means the node controls are temporarily locked off. This could mean an ongoing maintenance, so please check the network status page for more information. 

Operation Timed Out After 90001 Milliseconds With 0 Bytes Received

  1. The server is down or controls are down temporarily. Check the network status page for updates.
  2. If you made a request/clicked on a request such as change password, it could mean that it completed but took longer than expected. If the operation takes longer than a few minutes, this error will return by default, even if it was successful.

Cloudflare Timeout

  • This means the action was sent to the control panel but the response back from the control panel didn't make it to your browser in time. The operation most likely will still be completed, so check back in a few minutes.

Error on Boot/Reboot

  • If the VPS will not go back online make sure to first undo any actions you may have taken. Unmount any ISO mounted, turn off any rescue mode or PAE settings enabled, and if you changed the VNC password, make sure to power down or disable VNC and re-enable it on the full VPS controls page.

Error on password reset

  • If a password will not reset, you can manually reset the password using the various tools provided. Refer to resetting your password by searching online; it will work the same way it would on the operating system on a normal computer.

Error on network reconfiguration

  • If reconfigure does not work, you can set the network configuration manually through the provided VNC tool. You can search online for how to configure an IP address. Our IP addresses are mostly /24 IPv4 subnets, so for example, if the IP address is for your VPS, then is the gateway and is the netmask. You can use Google DNS (, and refer to any third party guide for setting up networking on your operating system.


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