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If your service displays a smaller amount of disk, it likely means Windows may have created a system reserved partition, preventing your primary volume from correctly expanding to all available space.


  1. Go to "Disk Management" or "Create and format hard disk partitions"
  2. Verify that there is unallocated space (marked in gray/black instead of dark blue.)
  3. Open CMD.
  4. Type DISKPART 
  6. Identify which volume # is the system reserve (usually 3)
  7. Type select volume 3 (or the appropriate number -- replace 3, please note, next step will permanently delete this so make sure it's not a volume with your data on it.)
  8. Type delete volume override
  9. Go back to "Disk Management" and right click on your primary partition, and click "Extend Volume" and follow the prompts to extend.

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