How do I change or re-install my Operating System? Print

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Please check out a newer article we wrote with more/updated information:

Your VPS comes with access to the SolusVM panel.

Please follow the directions below to change or re-install your Operating System. Please do not create a ticket, unless you require us to re-install Windows or a custom ISO for you, which must be done by a support agent.

Log into the SolusVM control panel. Details can be found in your billing area and welcome e-mail.

Click "Manage" on SolusVM, next to the VPS you want to configure.

Click "Reinstall" on the list of icons/options. Then select the Operating System, and click "re-install."

If the Operating System you want is not listed here, you may contact us and provide us a link to the specific .ISO file you want us to add to your VPS, if your VPS runs on KVM virtualization. We may also add the Operating System you request as an option for future use to all our customers. If you run on OpenVZ virtualization, there may be an additional fee associated with adding your own customized template.

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