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If you cannot pay with PayPal, there are a few common reasons.

  • If you receive an error when selecting PayPal, such as error code 10xxx it means there is a problem most likely with the card you are using on PayPal. You should contact your card's bank or PayPal for assistance.
  • If you do not see PayPal as an option, this means you do not already have a PayPal account linked with us. Recently, we have begun accepting PayPal only when used through Google Pay (linked to your Google Pay account) or for store credit/deposits. You can add funds with PayPal, or use Google Pay during checkout and link your PayPal there.
  • If PayPal asks that you add a credit card, you can make a one-time deposit instead. Just add funds and you can use your PayPal balance, without any card attached, and then use the credits to purchase whatever services you wish, or to continue your services.
  • If you are having issues adding funds with PayPal, such as getting an error regarding your account not being eligible, then use Google Pay during checkout.


If you have further issues, please click the appropriate button. If you do not have an active order then you will need to contact support to generate the deposit invoice for you.

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