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When your order is awaiting manual review, it means a human agent is taking a look at your order. A ticket should be automatically generated explaining this in further detail. A copy of the ticket is below.

We apologize, but your order's delivery may be delayed until a member of our team approves it, as it has been flagged for manual review by our system.

What does this mean?

1) You should make your payment for this order if you have not. You can do so under Billing -> Invoices in the client area.
2) Due to the circumstances of this order rather than marking your order as fraud, the system has made an exception and has permitted you to place an order. As long as there are no issues with the order then your order will be manually approved.
3) This will be done as soon as possible, it is already in the queue as long as you have made a payment.

Your order will be approved manually by an administrator or more information will be requested from you.

Please do not reply to this ticket or create a new one - it may be closed without reply.

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