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The bandwidth usage graph provided to you, outside of some very rare cases, is almost always 100% correct. If you notice high bandwidth usage, or even a bandwidth overage, and it is unexplained, it usually means that your service is compromised or has malware.


  • If your service is not in a suspended state, the easiest solution is to re-install your operating system. Then, ensure that you set up a secure password. Please do also ensure your VirMach billing account, your SolusVM control panel, and your VNC password are all secure (if you didn't change your VNC or SolusVM password, the default password is already secure.)
  • If your service is suspended for running out of bandwidth, wait until a bandwidth reset on the 1st of the month (may take until the end of the 1st.) Otherwise, you can purchase more bandwidth by clicking the appropriate button on your service details page. Please note: you should usually contact us to suspend your service for being compromised if you want to guarantee it will not immediately use all of its bandwidth again after a reset.)
  • If you are suspended for malicious traffic, having malware, or being compromised, click the appropriate button on the service details page to appeal your suspension. Include as much information as possible so we can ensure that you were compromised and did not send the malicious traffic on purpose.

In some very rare cases, the bandwidth graph may not reset after the 1st of the month, but again, this usually means a malicious program used your bandwidth quickly after a reset. You can check this by viewing your bandwidth graph and seeing if any traffic was recently sent after a reset (such as on the 1st, 2nd of the month.) If your bandwidth did reset and your service unsuspended, but it still shows as "suspended" or "disabled" on your billing panel, feel free to contact us to correct this for you.

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