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If your service was "terminated" for non-payment (or other reason) it cannot be re-activated. In some situations, the bill will still be available for payment a few hours within termination, in which case the system will not auto-process a refund: you can contact us for a refund in these situations. 

You can order a new service from our website.

Disaster recovery:

You need to make sure you have a credit card on file, PayPal on file, or appropriate level of store credit. Then, if you would like us to check for any disaster recovery backups and restore them, we can to any new service(s) with the same specifications as your previous service(s) for a standard $15 fee (for 15 minutes of sys admin time to complete your custom request.)

Please create a ticket in the appropriate department and confirm:

  • You want to be billed for a new service (at our current published website rates -- which may be different) and we'll generate it for you if you have a card or store credit on file.
  • If you want us to bill you an additional $15 and also restore any backups, if available, to your service (note: backup may be corrupt, we cannot guarantee it will function. If backup is unavailable we will refund this fee.) If you already ordered a new service, confirm you want us to overwrite the data on the new service with the data on the old service, by providing the name/IP address. All existing data on the new service will be lost. 

Please explicitly confirm the above, or it may take longer to process your request.

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