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Billing on our system is fairly automated, so please read below to find out how everything works and only contact us if something abnormal is happening.

How are services renewed?

For most if not all services, an invoice is generated for the next duration/renewal period. Once this is paid, the service renews and the due date moves up further. For monthly services, this invoice usually generates 7 days in advance. For annual services, this generates 30 days in advance. 

Manual Payments

If automatic payments fail, or your service is not automatically paid (usually we attempt to bill you 72 hours in advance for credit/debit or PayPal) then you must manually make a payment. You can do so by viewing the invoice and clicking the appropriate button to make a payment.

Store Credit Payments

These happen automatically on the day that the invoice is generated if you have store credits available.

Auto Payments

These usually happen 72 hours before the due date.

Canceled Invoices

Invoices may go into a cancelled state if [1] it is many days past the due date, [2] you requested a cancellation for your service.

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