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Our current operating system for our botting plans (to be updated soon) has Java 6 and 8. Java 6 is set as the default for the system, and Java 8 is set as the default for double-clicking and opening a JAR file.

Some quick tips:
  • If you use RSBot, it will launch with Java 8 but properly work with RS3
  • If you use TRiBot, you may have to scroll down and pick the correct Java file directory, not the .jinfo
  • If you're using OSBot, it looks like it only works with Java 7 now
  • If your bot is outdated, just download it like you would regularly on your computer. Your VPS has a browser.

How to install Java 7:
  1. Go to your Desktop, and open the program called xterm
  2. Type sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer
  3. Finish the install, then type update-alternatives --config java and pick the number for Java 7

To launch any .jar file with your "default" Java, open terminal. Navigate to the Bots directory where you should have your .jar file.
You can do this by typing cd /root/Desktop/Bots
Then type java -jar jarname.jar

In the above example, jarname would be the jar file's name. Hope this helps until we update the OS!

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