"Computer did not allow the name to be claimed" - Solution

If you're noticing that your server is rebooting every day or every few hours then you need to check your Event Viewer and look for a "Critical Error" that is similar to this:
The name "WIN-82VNUNPK9RO:0" could not be registered on the interface with IP address xx.xx.xx.xx. The computer with the IP address xx.xx.xx.xx did not allow the name to be claimed by this computer.
You can follow the below steps to correct this:

1) Visit the Control Panel (on the VPS)
2) Hit System/Security then click "System"
3) On the left side will be an "Advanced System Settings" button, click that.
4) It will open up a "System Properties" box, change the tab to "Computer Name"
5) Once on this page, hit "Change", which will open a new box.
6) On the new box, change the text in the "Computer Name" field, hit ok.
7) Reboot the VPS.

How to change computer name
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