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I have been with Virmach for years. My Windows VPS has never been rebooted since the first day I joined. Solid uptime and CS is always been quick to reply. I hope that they will extend the server to APAC in the future. Keep up the good service.

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richard hash

I am not happy with the way they suspended four(4) of my servers without any prior notice.Please change your Modus Operandi.

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belal alshamie

The VPS is cheap enough but goooooooood.

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Marcin Struzynski

Fair prices, relatively easy interface (even for an amateur) and customer service 10 out of 10

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Hongmin Jiao

The VPS is cheap enough but good.
I can`t find any providers who can provide VPS as good as VIRMACH.

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hao zhang

Super value products. Very stable service. In addition, I have a question. Will upgrading the configuration of existing services retain the discount previously used?

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Riha Neume

One the most awesome services I've ever used. Very low prices with high quality services.
Accepting bitcoin and other crypto currencies is another virmach lovely key feature.

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Steven Wallace

Virmach are complete scum. My service was suspended on 9/2 (lack of funds). I had found a much better solution so I was not going to re-new my subscription. Then on 9/5 they charge money from my card (which they had been attempting for the past 72 hours, constantly checking if they could snatch the next $15 made from a financially unsteady college student). The previous several instances of my renewal were all manual, so obviously I took issue with this. Then, I brought this up and staff member 'Aviv M' (loathsome cretin) for two days, stubbornly denied my refund and kept changing the requirements in order to be eligible for a refund. First, he said they can offer a refund for people who's cancellation was not handled properly, but since I was less-than-polite, he changed the requirements, saying I was NOT eligible even though his previous eligibility requirements were incontestably applicable to me. He continued to change the requirements as he realized I met all of them. Second it was, "If only you had contacted us within 3 days". Which I had. Then, he changed it to, "If only you had contacted us within 24 hours." I had also done that too, but he was being stubborn for two days so more time had passed by that point.

Finally after I made it very clear that he's backed himself into a corner and I absolutely qualify for a refund, this contemptible pile of human excrement, deserving of nothing other than a curb-stomping and a face full of broken teeth and cement, finally decides to refund me, when he could have just as easily done so after the first time I messaged him! They were so persistent in trying to keep this money from someone who already used their service for 15 months. It was also blatantly obvious that Aviv M was taking some pompous egotistical pride in denying my refund. I was clearly showing obvious frustration and his responses lacked even slight contrition, and it was very clear he was trying to say "F*** you" without breaching professional decorum. I wasn't excessively rude, so his conduct was completely unwarranted. DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO VIRMACH, these people are rotten to the core and you should take pride in reserving your business for actual decent companies.

Reply from VirMach

Hi Steven,

Most people and companies in the world have a mutual understanding that if a card fails for a subscription, the system will give it a couple attempts.

(1) You did not cancel your service. Your card failing is not cancelling, which is why the payment eventually went through. Temporary suspension for payment not going through is not a permanent cancellation.

(2) Requirements and policies were not changed by this agent. Per our policy, we do not provide a refund for a customer's neglect to cancel a service. However, an agent is permitted to provide a refund out of courtesy if it's within 24 hours in most cases if the customer contacts us in a timely manner. Our system sometimes allows additional time to make this request, as an added grace period, but this does not mean the request will be honored.

(3) Aviv did make a minor mistake at portraying how this all works. He could have explained it better. Your situation is very unique as it's right on the edge of what's acceptable to our button & agents.

Thanks for you feedback. We'll change some messages around to make sure everything is more clear. Once again, you did not qualify for a refund in this situation, but an agent could have made a refund as an exception to our policy in this situation and he eventually did. I understand he was a little difficult, but agents can reject refunds if it does not qualify per our policy.

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David Breach

I've had a couple minor downtimes, but nothing serious, and over the span of a good few months now. Running a remote connection to a virtual linux machine which seems a bit laggy on connection quality, but then I'm using the cheapest package so I won't judge. For what it costs, definitely more than happy with the product and service.

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