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Max Berendsohn


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Andrija Midzor

Very cheap and reliable.

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[email protected] ni


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Shaun Scrimgeour

Because I cannot rate one star it was rated 5, but it's certainly not deserved
I had alot of trouble with socks proxy, the support aget was not helpful at all.
I hope I will get my money back for this shit serice... And I hope it will happen soon! I would not recommend buying anything from under thier name.

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weihua ding

virmach 的机器性价比非常高了,虽然使用过程中出过几次问题,不过都尽快解决了,verynice

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Victor Lane

Have a small VPS I use for VPN purposes with VirMach for the past year. Exceptional quality for the price!

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Nice price and fast speed, thx.

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weiyang li

I would say service here is fine, with this price range, i wont complain anything. as long as i have a working IP and my VPS is running. No complain.
Good place for budget users.

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Zhu Hongkang

The server is not avaliabel due to some reasons, so I want to cancel it. I have submitted a cancel requirest but there is always say "There is an outstanding cancellation request for this product/service". So who can tell me how to close the entity permanently, thx a lot!

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Eugen Spivak

Terrible, stay away. Bogus fees appear out of nowhere, if you ignore them - they will pull down the other VPS that you have with them. Arrogant and inflexible too.

Reply from VirMach

If this is in regards to your most recent generated invoice, you received an invoice for TWO services. If you do not want to keep a service, and only want to pay for one service to renew, you simply have to cancel the other service and this renewal fee for the second service will obviously be removed by our system.

Otherwise, I do notice a potential second issue on your account, regarding multiple accounts, this is clear on our terms of service. It was also mentioned to you in previous communication, and finally a few months later when you continued to make multiple accounts and new orders, this was finally noticed by a staff member who took action. A payment was refunded, and we requested repayment. Obviously, without payment or communication from you, this service ended. We did not "pull down" any other services as a result. We also confirmed with you that there is no need to resolve the situation. We did provide you a refund, and your services naturally expire with no repayment. It was possible to not re-pay if you did not wish, and you had time to make a decision or move services elsewhere. We provided you with a grace period.

If we were not flexible with you, we would not have refunded payments, would not have given you additional warning and time to deal with the situation where multiple accounts were being created and using one-time use coupons. Eventually, a single reasonable fee was assessed to your account even though there were many cases of this issue and multiple hours of staff time were dedicated to the matter. All other fees were waived.

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